Anceint Bristlecone Pines

Here are some pics of trees from the  Ancient Bristlecone Forests located in the White Mountains of California. This particular forest is home of "Methuselah" reputed as the worlds oldest standing tree. Named after a biblical figure and has has become a general synonym for any living creature of great age according to the all knowing wikipedia.  Here is the Wiki page for the tree.

These trees were amazing, I wish I was a better photographer so that I could have better delivered these images.

The place had a very powerful feel to it.  Being in the presence of such old living beings was truly a spiritual experience. At one point I was pulled to venture off the trail (a big state park no-no) and summit one of the mountains...  I am so glad I did.  What I saw there was so incredible that I could not take any pics.  I swear I heard a voice tell me not to but I will admit it could of been the desert sun talking. 

My nose caught the cool breeze from the distant snow covered peaks and all around was landscape that I never before have witnessed. Atop this majestic mountain was a single solitary Bristlecone Pine that had looked as though it had been rolling in place, branches and bark just growing towards the same direction in its roll.

Anyways - I hope you enjoy these pics.