Professional Resume of Jason M. Morin, Sr.


  • Male, 39 yrs old. Married, Homeowner, Father.
  • Well versed web developer:
    • 17 yrs experience Cpanel/WHM
    • Confident PHP, MySQL, JS, jQuery, CSS and the like.
    • Most of my core code is in CodeIgniter
    • Familiar with Git
    • See the light in MEAN and AWS but not quite there yet.
    • Made Websites for all types of small businesses.
    • Manage @75 clients (I really do it all for them)
    • Daily Linux user.
    • Developed my own CMS that is used by dozens of people.

Work Experience

For the past 17 years I have been a freelance web developer/designer and recently also partnered in a local coffee shop.  Please see (my company website)

Before that I was in the manufacturing industry and specialized in CNC Machine Technologies.  I did very well in that. 

Companies Worked For:

Between these two major careers, I spent some time bouncing around sales positions (cars and timeshare) so I could learn how to shake hands (I felt it necessary for starting my own business.) 

If dates and supervisors or references become necessary, I will furnish those.