Website Design

Being a website designer is a multi-discipline career - in order to be good one must have a number of skills under his or her belt. Simply throwing some images and words on a page no longer will produce the results that are necessary to maintain a competitive presence in the world of business on the internet.

Todays websites are full of features from insite video to customised content management systems that allow for regular updates by personnel within your organization that may not have web design knowledge.

Proper design also consists of adherence to todays evolving web standards while keeping search engine optimization in mind. I have produced many websites that perform very well in the rankings and that has earned me a level of customer satisfaction that has kept me doing this as my primary source of income for the better half of a decade, independantly, I have no other job.

Some websites I have created have created jobs :) - that makes me feel pretty good as well.

For more information about my Website Design services, please visit BerkSites to view my portfolio.